Sos Dsembuage

Vos fenêtres sont constamment cernées, blanchies et sales? Notre service de désembuage de fenêtres vous permet de retrouver la clarté d’avant à un faible coût.

Window defogging or how to refurbish your windows at a low cost!

Sos Dsembuage

Are you experiencing a fogging problem in your windows? Are they ringed, bleached or dirty? With SOS Désembuage, there is no need to replace your windows! With our window defogging services, get back to the clarity of the past at a lower cost. Window defogging avoid the investment associated with changing your windows.

Window defogging is a reliable practice that SOS Désembuage has mastered over time. Nevertheless, some windows are already too damaged to proceed with defogging. At that point, our window defogging professionals suggest a thermos replacement.

How does a window defogging procedure work?

  1. Once we are aware of your specific situation, if window defogging is appropriate and recommended, our professional technicians will drill two small holes in your windows on opposite sides. 
  2. They will clean the interior of the glass with window solution to remove any dirt residue that may have accumulated and speed up the drying process.
  3. A second drying solution is applied, to help your windows stay clear and fog-free through the upcoming hot or cold weather.
  4. That’s it! An effective solution, with no damage or cleanup required, right in your home!

Why are my windows fogging up?

Fogging on your windows, or rather between them, is normal. In fact, over time, the insulating properties of your thermos windows weaken because it is the part of your window that is most affected by the elements (heat, wind, rain, etc.) After a while, the window cracks imperceptibly, allowing moisture to seep in. Although small silica beads are embedded in your windows to absorb moisture, they become saturated after a while. As the insulation loosens, fog forms between your thermos windows, which makes them unclear and prevents you from seeing outside.

By having your windows defogged, you not only remove the fog that has accumulated in your windows, but you also extend the life of your windows at a lower cost by renewing their thermal and insulating properties.

Window defogging is an aesthetic solution that allows you to have a clear view of your garden, your yard, or your entrance, in short, everywhere around you! Isn’t it great to be able to look outside at the trees in your yard, let the light hit you, or even watch the kids playing in the backyard? Instead of replacing your windows for a considerable amount of money, defog your windows! Why change everything when you can improve? In addition to regaining the view you had before, restore your windows’ long-lasting insulating properties, which are essential to your energy savings.

How to fight condensation problems?

It is almost impossible to avoid condensation in your windows. That’s why window defogging is so common! However, there are a few best practices to be considered in an attempt to avoid it as much as possible:

  1. Air out your space regularly
  2. Avoid having a lot of plants near the windows, as they keep the moisture in
  3. Get a dehumidifier
  4. Keep your space warm and check the ventilation
  5. Keep curtains open as much as possible
  6. Check the condition of your windows often
  7. Call a competent specialist! 

At SOS Désembuage, we will give you the right information on how to demist your windows and how to maintain them to prevent condensation from forming