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Thermos replacement

Are your thermos windows fogged up, but too damaged to benefit from a defogging treatment? Are your windows still framed to your liking, but you can no longer clean the inside of the glass which is full of condensation? You simply want to decorate your house with new windows with the best energy performance? No problem! SOS Désembuage also has the solution for you, thanks to our reliable and experienced thermos replacement team!

When should you replace the thermos in your windows?

Changing thermopane glass is an advantageous solution if your thermopane glass has become discoloured or has been fogging up for too long between the walls of your doors and windows. Some types of glass do not meet the requirements for defogging. This replacement solution allows you to restore the original performance of your windows at a lower cost.

Rather than replacing the entire window, we only change the glass for a better performing one. You don’t have to throw out all your windows to get a new look – sometimes it’s just a matter of changing the glass! In short: to know when to replace your thermos, look at the inside of your windows. If there is condensation in between, but the frame and sash are still in good condition, it’s probably time for a thermos replacement to restore your windows to their original performance at a lower cost!

What are the benefits of thermos replacement?

Replacing your thermos will certainly be superior to your current glazing. First of all, thermos replacement is an economical solution compared to buying new windows and replacing them. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your new glazing will guarantee better energy efficiency and high performance insulating properties! At the same time, you will extend the life of your thermos windows while benefiting from their cooling properties. Thermos replacement allows you to better protect yourself from bad weather outside, while keeping the heat or coolness inside according to your needs and the season.

How do I replace a thermos?

Our experience in thermos replacement allows us to replace all types of glass, especially double or triple glazing, which offers unbeatable energy efficiency. When replacing thermos, our experienced technicians will know which thermos to recommend, either an energy efficient thermos with argon gas or a standard thermos.

How do I defog a thermos window?

Defogging is a highly efficient technique that has been proven on the market. To learn more about this process and its advantages, go here!

A simple solution with significant consequences

SOS Désembuage is proud to guarantee that your windows will look great in your home. In addition to being elegant, the repair of your thermos windows ensures renewed efficiency and unparalleled durability, while reducing your electricity costs and energy consumption. An economical, ecological and aesthetic solution, your thermos replacement will be carried out carefully and quickly by our team and our quality products so that your windows play the role they should for many years to come! We are THE reference in thermos replacement, allowing you to take a step towards sustainable development. Get in touch with a member of our team now to get your windows back to being clean and worry-free, thanks to our adapted equipment and our reliable expertise. We will be happy to help you!