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Thermos replacement: an efficient and economical solution to your foggy windows

Sos Dsembuage

Your windows are no longer as clear as they used to be and moisture is seeping in? Don’t panic and, above all, there’s no need to change everything! SOS Désembuage allows you to keep your beautiful windows while improving their clarity, insulation and life span! If your windows are cracked or unsealed, but the frame is still in good condition, thermos replacement is THE solution to get your windows back to their original state of cleanliness and energy efficiency.

When should a thermos replacement be done?

Over the years, your thermos fogs up and prevents you from seeing the landscape clearly. With SOS Désembuage, your windows are in good hands and are an effective solution at a lower cost. However, your windows and doors may be too damaged to perform a simple defogging. Don’t worry, our team of qualified experts is always there for you! If your window frames are still in good condition, but your thermos windows are collecting condensation, it may be time for a thermos replacement!

A complete thermos replacement allows you to:

  • Regain the clarity of your previous windows and enjoy the landscape without rings or fog
  • Recover the insulating properties of your windows with double or triple glazing, which will improve the energy performance of your windows. A low-emissivity film can also be added in the same way!
  • Avoid not only the high cost of changing your windows completely, but also the damage (need to repaint, dust after the work, damage to the walls, etc.). A simple solution that will minimally affect your daily schedule!
  • After inspection, SOS Désembuage will perform the renovation which is the replacement of thermos without problem to offer you incomparable results at a lower cost.

What is the life span of a thermos window?

Thermos windows are made up of two or three layers of glass sealed together by a low-emissivity membrane. What is the purpose of all this? To ensure that your windows are insulating and energy efficient.

Thermos windows generally last between 10 and 20 years. Several aspects influence its longevity:

  • A breakage
  • Unsealing due to a non-effective sealant
  • Seals deteriorate due to their poor quality
  • Fogging or condensation; rings or stains between the membranes

However, your window itself can last up to 50 years! That’s why thermos replacement is a very appropriate and desirable technique to preserve your sashes and frames by reinforcing the duration and insulating power of your glass. Why change everything when you can just modify a part of the unit? Thermos replacement, in this sense and thanks to its energy performance, is part of an eco-responsible approach to sustainable development in addition to giving you the quality you expect when looking through your windows.

You want to enjoy a clear vision at a low cost? Do you want to regain the high-performance insulating properties of your fogged windows? SOS Désembuage is your reference of choice. Our team of professionals specializing in thermos replacement will restore your windows to like-new condition without having to change them entirely. It’s (almost) magic! Stop waiting! Call our employees who will come to your home to perform the thermos replacement with expertise, confidence and enthusiasm.