Sos Désembuage

Vitres Thermos

SOS Désembuage offers two categories of thermal windows, Standard thermal and Low-E Argon Thermal.


Standard Thermal Window

The double thermal window is a 7/8" sealed unit consisting of the assembly of two panes separated by a white or black Technoform interlayer. It is the most popular and economical thermal window offered on the market and it perfectly meets the energy performance required for the Quebec climate.

The Technoform spacer we use for our sealed units is based on proven technology. In terms of energy, it is incomparable and has exceptional durability. The aesthetics will please you for sure and your beautiful window will retain the look you want.

Low-E Argon Thermal Window

When you talk about "Low E with Argon" thermal windows, it is a question of a combination of a Low E film and replacing the air in the unit with Argon gas, an inert gas with low thermal conductivity.

The Low E is a thin layer of metal oxide applied to the glass while it is still hot so that these fuse together. Low E film allows short infrared (brightness) pass through, while it prevents long infrared (heat) from penetrating.

Argon is a gas with low thermal conductivity. The sealed unit is filled with this gas to replace the air to reduce energy losses, thus reducing the consumption of electricity for heating.

Low E thermal windows with Argon have excellent insulating properties and they exert effective heat control which significantly reduces heating costs. This combinations lets you enjoy a maximum of brightness throughout the year while keeping the house cool in summer and, conversely, warm in winter.