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Defogging the window pane

The defogging technique became is relatively new . As a result of the efficiency of the process and the enormous potential of this market, we quickened the pace!


Step 1 – Visual Inspection

Since the inspection is performed at the time of the estimate, the technician can begin work immediately.

Step 2 – Drilling and Injection

We will drill two minuscule holes on the side of the outside window pane and inject a cleaning solution to remove all the dirt. Then, a drying product is injected to remove the accumulated water and humidity.

Step 3 - Drying

Finally, we will dry the area and install resistant, transparent plugs on the small perforations.

The defogging cost, of course, depends on the size of the window pane but will always be the least costly solution to solve your humidity problem. However, if one of your windows is too damaged to be defogged, we will suggest that it be replaced. Learn more

Thermal Replacement

We also provide a thermal replacement service. With our expertise, we are able to replace all types of double window panes.

Our prices are reasonable!

We have several suppliers and purchase our supplies in large quantities so we are able to obtain excellent discounts for your new thermal window panes. Learn more
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