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Are your windows fogged up and do you notice a layer of condensation between your panes that doesn’t seem to wash off? Do you want to replace your fogged windows to regain your former clarity, view of your yard and a stylish look for your home? At this point, are you thinking about replacing your windows? Let us assess the problem first! With our expertise, you will benefit from an economical solution while taking an eco-responsible action that will restore your windows to their former quality.

What is window defogging?

The defogging service is a fairly recent technique, but one which has gained a foothold in the market because of the numerous advantages it provides. Fogging forms between your thermos windows over time: it is a regular process. The thermos window will slowly unseal itself, leaving the way open for humidity to penetrate between the glasses and saturate them with fog. Thermos, the part of your glass most severely tested by the elements, expands or shrinks depending on the temperature and therefore the pressure caused by the heat or lack thereof between the panes. This expansion/retraction movement progressively creates tiny cracks, impossible to notice with the naked eye. In addition, the thermos is equipped with embedded silica beads that absorb moisture. However, after a while, they become saturated and that’s when you notice rings on your windows. The accumulated moisture creates foggy spots and an unattractive film of lime scale. At this point, you think it’s time to change your thermos windows, but maybe not so fast! Call on our qualified team to inspect your windows and offer you the most advantageous solution. That’s where demisting comes in! This service is performed on site, in the comfort of your home, directly on your windows.

How do I defog thermos windows?

The defogging process for thermos windows is simple and effective.

  1. After inspecting the condition and nature of your windows, our technician will drill two small holes in the edge of your window.
  2. Then, an environmentally safe cleaning solution is injected through these same holes to clean the space between the panes and remove any residue.
  3. A drying solution is then injected to completely remove the moisture you want to see gone.
  4. Finally, small plugs are applied to the cavities made at the beginning of the process.
  5. And that’s it! Your window defogging is complete! Wait a few weeks before you see the water and moisture that accumulated is completely gone.

What are the benefits of using a defogger?

Of course, the cost of defogging your windows is relative to the size of the windows. However, rest assured that defogging is THE least expensive solution to give you the pleasure of looking through clear glass (about half the cost of replacement!). Since we consider that changing your windows is an important investment, let us optimize it for you.

In addition, defogging is an ecological technique, in that it allows us to limit our waste production and our rapid consumption of materials and electricity.

Don’t wait any further! A window that is too damaged by humidity will not be suitable for defogging. Contact our experts who will be able to give you clear windows with lasting transparency. Take the first step towards your dream windows by keeping your old ones. It’s simple: we take your fogged and worn thermos and make them look like new. With SOS Désembuage, choose the job well done, professional and responsive service, and the peace of mind of not having to replace your windows!